Tony Baldwin

Tony Baldwin

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Tony Baldwin is a professional legal and technical translator, who speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and formerly an English and Spanish teacher, who has been creating websites since 2000. When he was a teacher, he gave workshops to teach other teachers how to use web technologies in the classroom. His translation business is

Tony studied at Purdue University, the University of Connecticut, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Tony has also been a webmaster and web developer since the year 2000, and is a seasoned linux sysadmin. He has been involved in the development and design of RedMatrix, Friendica, and other CMS and web platforms, and has created plugins and themes or templates for dokuwiki, drupal, joomla, wordpress, gallery3, piwigo, Ownstagram, NibbleBlog, and He develops software and web applications in addition to his translation work. See software and web applications he has developed on his personal wiki. His personal website is

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