MyOwn Website Templates

MyOwn DokuWiki

Tony created the custom dokuwiki design for this wiki. It is just one example of how Tony is capable of customizing websites, of course.

And, you, too can have this nifty, gorgeous dokuwiki template for YOUR wiki!

myown dokuwiki template

Tony has made our “MyOwn” dokuwiki design publicly available for free on github at

Dokuwiki Template page for MyOwn Template

Other Dokuwiki Templates by Tony

MyOwn Nibbleblog

myown nibbleblog template

We have a demo installation of the Nibbleblog blogging platform. It is a lightweight, very simple to manage blogging platform that also lends itself well for use as a simple, single-user CMS. Of course, I made a MyOwn template for use with that platform, too.

Background Image

Wild Dusk by Tony Baldwin

The background image, “ wild dusk”, is something Tony whipped up with the GIMP.

Leafy Nibbleblog

A leafy, green theme for nibbleblog

Leafy Nibbleblog

Tony Baldwin 2015/01/18 18:44