Web design, development, and hosting.

MyOwnSite.Me provides custom website design, development, and hosting services. Custom drupal, joomla, wordpress, and dokuwiki installations, handmade custom websites, php/mysql (and mariadb) development, free/open source social and communications platforms, pastebins, wikis, blogs, band or musician sites, art and photo galleries, e-mail services, etc.

Our specializations are custom wordpress, dokuwiki, and redmatrix sites, but we'll work with many other platforms, including drupal, joomla, friendica, statusnet/gnusocial, piwigo, gallery, scuttle, and others, plus, we can write custom websites from scratch with html, php, css, with MySql or MariaDB backends, etc.(such as this site you're looking at).

Does that all sound like a foreign language to you? No worries, we can help you determine what will work best for your needs, without worrying you with technical jargon.

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Website localization.

And speaking of foreign languages: MyOwnSite.Me, in cooperation with Baldwin Linguas, provides website translation and localization services, and development, design, and hosting of multilingual websites.


Some sites developed, designed, and hosted by MyOwnSite.Me:


MyOwnSite.Me sites are hosted on Debian GNU/Linux servers, designed, developed, and hosted using 100% Free/Open Source Software.

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